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About search engines and bots, problem with visitors and post views -stats

We have a two problem:

- Lot´s of post views

- Lot´s of visitors (currently we have over 6000 visitors looking up our community and 10 members who have logged in)


Isn’t it so that Google, Yahoo and Bing search bots are also increasing the visitor and message read counts? Are you somehow filtering the requests from the bots of the public search engines? If yes, how are you identifying the requests, I was thinking if we could pose as Google for our community.


Do you have similar problems and how you have solved those?


Ps. as you can see we have lots of visitors, all the time actually but we dont have as much visits per day. How come and what´s that mean? Same visitors (bots/crawlers) are there all the time, with single session?






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Morning apache,


Chances are you're seeing a bot or crawler. Our community ran into a similar situation recently where it appeared we had hundreds and hundreds of visitors to our page (it was out of season and terribly unusual for us), so we knew something was off. We also noticed that the "visitors" weren't making it off the front page at all, so that made us even more suspicious. Sure enough - bots!


While logged in, go to [your community domain]//t5/forums/usersonlinepage. This gives you an idea of who is logged in. If you click on "Show Duplicate User Sessions", take a look at the users who are logged in as anonymous. If they all have the same IP address, this confirms you're being crawled.


If the numbers don't drop by themselves, ask Lithium to do a community restart to clear out the community viewers. It worked for us!

Jillian Bejtlich
Community Architect
The Community Roundtable

Hi JillianB,

And thanks for reply.

We looked that and it confirmed those are crawlers and those are our own crawlers.

Because we want our home page displays discussions from our community when people are using our search engine in our home page.

How you have solve this, your own crawlers?


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