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Accepted solution reminder - less than 1 day

Hello, I am looking for way to send an-mail reminder faster than 1 day, but in admin I can set only in days.
Is there any other way to change this settings more granularity e.g hours ?








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@drolcak-  Lithium only supports this setting in days. There is no way to change this into hours.



You can post an idea for this here.


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@TariqHussainthanks. It would be great to see this settings  for more advanced community.

I will post an idea .


@drolcak- If this is must requires future for now, You can achieve this using custom functionality. However, it will require external mail server.

You can get the messages with no solution using below query.

select * from messages where id = '3544' AND conversation.solved = true and depth = 0 and post_time > [timestamp]
Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query.

@TariqHussain   Thank you!

Background situation to understand needs better:
This is more about testing new versions and we would like to do something better and faster 😉
I don't know if we change this settings it will help to improve end to end time of accepted solutions but we see in reports that a reply (then accepted solution) is 5 times faster than acceptance of solution by the author and it's around ~25h .

The question is : If we will change this setting to hours it helps author and others to find the solutions faster or not .

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