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Activity feed, how does it work?


Are the activity feeds a chronological log of all activity with the same settings for everyone? Or is it adjusted or edited somehow?  My colleague doesn't get entries for posts she has posted -as I do. Where can i find more information on how this works? 

Also how is it related to notification feeds and "post I have participated in" ? Is Activity Feed simply a combination of the two?

Any help appreciated 



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Khoros Staff

Hi @JulieU 

These components are all different and are set to display different types of information.

The Activity Feed on your User Profile is intended to show when that user received a kudo, gave a kudo, posted, tagged a post, etc.  It is not related to the Notification Feed or the "Posts I have participated in".

The Notification Feed is there to notify for the following actions (some overlap with Activity Feed and others do not):

  • Receiving kudos on posts
  • Getting their posts accepted as solutions
  • Getting @mentioned in a thread
  • Rank achievements
  • Badge achievements
  • Replies to a message a member started
  • Replies to a message a member subscribes to
  • New topics in a board a member is subscribed to

The "Posts I have participated in" component is set to display all recent posts that the user has participated in and topics they have posted.

These components are all developed independent of each other and have different purposes.  Hope this helps!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Hey Larry


However, it would be useful also to have a detailed list of what the activity feed gathers and displays. Where can I find that? 
I would like to see what differs in the list of things they collect and displays.



Does nobody know the details behind the Activity Feed? 

Are there not specs or descriptions anywhere? 

@JulieU, there's a tiny bit of information over here.

Check out the PDF's (3rd one appears to be the latest version).


Cancer Council Online Community

Thanks Kate! 

The descriptions were somewhat slim, but still a very useful document! 

I will assume that this definition means that every activity regarding these three things are included : 

"...a feed of recent community activity (tags, kudos, and posts)..." 

Khoros Staff

Thanks for the topics suggestion. I've posted a first draft of a topic to cover this question. I'll make more updates to it soon to be even more complete.


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