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Add authentication (Login) via Google, LinkedIn or a custom ID Provider to Lithium community

Hi there,

currently, we are facing the challenge to extend Login possibilities for users for a community that is to be migrated from Jive-X to Lithium. Jive-X offers authentication via Google, Facebook and after some customizing even with a custom ID provider (IDP).

The users can connect IDPs to their profile or disconnect - as they wish. We know that users formed habits for login reflecting the circumstances when, where and from which device they login. So, for the migration we need to extend the possibilities Lithium offers out of the box.

Does or did someone face this challenge as well and do you have hints how to solve this?

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Hi @JuergenM,


Unfortunately Lithium only currently offers Facebook authentication. See


Support for Google is something I've requested in the past, but unfortunately you would have to move to an SSO solution currently to achieve it. 


I realised there is no formal enhancement request for this feature, so I have added it here - Please add your vote and comments.






Hi Jason,

thanks for linking to the idea! Moving to a SSO solution seems the only way to realize this. Currently, we are looking at different solutions on the market. Some other communities already realized this and it would wonderful to know how they did it...



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