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Add author to the About the Author Component?

Has anyone added the username to the About the Author component?

I like that the About the Author component shows up on Blog articles but it's not obvious who's Profile biography you're looking at since the component is pinned in the upper right spot and isn't proximal to the permalink/reply you're entering the blog article on. I was wondering if anyone had found a way to add the username of the person who's post is highlighted on entry to the the article?

People are getting confused and think that the About the Author is always for the person who wrote the blog article and doesn't dynamically change with each permalink that is clicked on.  Simply having the username would be more helpful but also the placement would help as well.

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Khoros Expert

Hi @MarkAtTruth - It looks like our out of the box version of the component does have the author listed. This is a screenshot from my test environment:


It shows users that have the BlogAuthor role for the Blog in question.

On your community, it looks like you have a customized version of the component that comes from our services' Themes plugin. It behaves differently and shows the bio of the blog author (without the username) or the bio of any commenter if you click the permalink to their post. The latter of which seems like a bug to me, my expectation is the component should only display the bio for the author of the blog. This behavior was already reported internally and is under investigation, if you'd like to submit a ticket we can keep you updated on the status of that investigation. 

If we can get that issue addressed, it should be a less confusing experience and adding the username to the component wouldn't be required.

Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

@ChadB Thanks. Yes, I didn't do anything with the component, it's however professional services configured it as they stood up our community.

Our members do not have the BlogAuthor role granted as our members all Blog on designated blog board and don't otherwise have permissions that a typically designated official company blogger of a community would have.  If we did grant them that role we'd see 90K thousand+ plus people in that widget. 

I'll raise a ticket on this. Sounds like doing away with the component within an article would be the way to go unless they can get it to only display the biography of the person who posted the Blog Article and not any of the commenters, although it is nice to get some context of the person responding though that biography would need to be proximal to the comment.

updated: Fixed mistake

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