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Adding Walkthrough Pop-Ups

During Khoros Engage, I saw a Community that had pop-ups when you first access their Community to guide you on how to use it.

Schneider Electric Exchange - 

Has anyone added something similar to their Community?  If so, how did you add this?

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Hi Jamie we used WalkMe for our pop-ups. This basically requires a contract with WalkMe and then you can add the functionality in both stage and production so you can test it before implementing. The good thing about the functionality is you can customize it to specific pages/ page types in the community and have specific walkthroughs for various pages. We added it to our Home page, Profile page, Category pages and some content creation forms. It also provides back end metrics on member usage in the admin reporting which is useful.  

You can see more on how we implemented it at and click on the blue info icon next to Community tips at the top of the right hand column. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

@elbranscomb and @jamiemccardle 

Thanks for the conversation.

@elbranscomb it is awesome to know you are already using Walkme. We are hoping to deploy Walkme in 2022 so I may have questions. I will work to keep them to a minimum.  We have seen amazing results with Walkme in our products and want to bring that to Community. 

I just talked to Sales.  We're scheduling a demo and gathering more information on Walkme next week. 

I'm curious if it's easy to setup and manage in the Community.  Also, can it be applied to more than one page?  For example, can I have a separate walkthrough for forums, knowledge bases, blogs, case portal, and the home page? 

Has anyone used a different company?  I saw Pendo offers a similar option.

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