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Adding a question to "help"-section

I am trying to add a question to the help-section in our Community, but I get an error message. Don't understand why.

I have created the question under Studio - Text editor- FAQ text - Questions

And then I drag and drop it to the correct section.change language.PNG






When I save I get the error message

Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

  •   There are no changes that need to be saved.
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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hei @HelgaMarieAuran

I attempted the same to:

  • add a new FAQ question via Litium studio's text editor
  • Then using the "Manage structure" interface to add the new question from the "Unused questions" block on the right to the "Settings" section

The first time I did this and saved there was a positive "Your settings were saved" confirmation message shown on top. Checking the actual help page though didn't show my new question. Also the "Current Structure" interface didn't show it. Instead it was listed again under "Unused question". Attempting to move it again to "Settings" showed the same "Correct the highlighted errors and try again. -  There are no changes that need to be saved." error you saw.


May I kindly ask you to raise a bug in the Lithium case portal referencing this discussion? With a bug raised you can be notified once this gets fixed.

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