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Adding a subscribe button for a board inside an article

I'm looking for a way to have a 'subscribe' link or button at the bottom of an article that lets the user subscribe to the whole board rather than just the article.

We usually link directly to our articles through social media etc, so users don't usually end up browsing the board itself to notice the subscribe option in the dropdown.


I've tried the good old 'let's look at the source' to copy paste the script that activates the subscription but it relies on an authentication token.

'my' Token will obviously not work for otyherusers and leaving the token out causes an Authentication Failed.


Anyone play with this and know how to either snag the user's own token from their session, or a different way of achieving this ?


Much appreciated!

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@tpiens -

Unfortunately the subscribe link will not work as it require token. 

You will require some customization to achieve this.  Create a custom component for the custom button and add it to the page. The button will trigger subscription API.  Using the restapi, you can subscribe board to the logged in user. 


Documentation: https😕/

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I have added the solution for the same over here in this topic. 


You just need to replace this variable to pass the boardID parameter in the code

<#assign boardID = '${boardID}' />

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