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Adding article links in Edit Mode

Hi all!

I'm not sure if we are doing something incorrectly or there is a better way of doing this so would appreciate your help, here goes...

As we are building up our knowledgebases, we use links within articles to make it easy for members to move through relevant articles for gathering information. 

However, we've found that you have to be really careful of the URL link you add. 

For example, if the article you want to link to is also in draft, you need to publish that article, get the live URL and then add that link into the article you need. Where there is crossover, we are finding that we have articles being published multiple times at the start to get the right URL links in place. 

If you use the link of the article when it is in draft mode, it has a slightly different URL (includes the word workflow in it to denote its in the publishing process). 

If accessed in an article, our authors, publishers and admin will click it and be directed straight to the live article however any members that don't have authoring priveledges are given an error message (I assume because Khoros is trying to send them via a publishing workflow redirection and they can access that section). 

Is there any way of doing this so we can publish once and all members, regardless of permissions, are directed to the latest version of that article?

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We're just getting started with TKBs. I see there's a Related Content component which automatically shows links to discussions that were used to create the TKB. It should be two way, in that every discussion post used to create a TKB automatically has a link at the top or button of the post to the TKB to promote the article.


We have the Related Articles component and just have that in beta at the moment to see if it picks up the content we would like it to pick up. 

We have specific articles that act as navigational articles, i.e. a checklist that lists the order of articles a user should read to fulfil a specific need, like learning pathways etc. 

Some of our articles have a 'Read Next' section and when these articles are posted at the same time, we can't put a link in draft mode as the links won't work once published so we have to publish both, get the links, go back in and edit them. It would be ideal if we could put the draft link in and the link know its no longer in edit mode and redirect you to the latest published version rather than failing. 

@sarajaynerowWe are facing exactly the same issue and we are using the manual workaround currently i.e. multiple publishing to change links.

I had users complaining about not able to access a link and when I tried login as user, it works perfectly fine too. This is very strange and unexpected behavior which leads to confusions and unprofessional work practices. We have specific teams that only send out updates to customers and won't understand changing of these links completely.

Thanks @imran_patharwat, glad its not just us. What I've asked our publishers to look out for is links that include the word 'workflow' in them as that means an author has added a draft link and therefore it will only be able to be accessed once live by members who have author / publisher privileges' which is why it always worked for me as admin. It'd be great if I could do a community wide search on all links that include the word workflow! If anyone has any ideas that way, that would be fab!

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