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Adding users in bulk to private group

Hi everyone! 

Wondering how you would tackle something we need to go through. 

We created a private group on our Community, and we have lots of members in there. Now a large group of staff want to join the group to read member's comments and reply etc. 

How would you go about adding ~50 staff designated members to a group? Would you do it individually or is there a good way to do it in bulk? 


Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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Thinking the 'easiest' way to do this would be to go in to the Group UI, select 'Invite Members' from the drop down, and include all the user names in the TO field. 

Feel like there may be a way to do so through a role import in Admin as well, but given you'd need to compile the list of users, create a role, upload csv, it's probably just as easy to invite them through the UI.

Manager, Community Engagement @ Workday

I always do this with the option of adding by role.

  1. Bulk import users into a new role
  2. Add that role to the user group
  3. Delete the role

Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Brilliant @lilim 

Community manager in the Micro Focus Community. My computer always used to beat me at chess, but it is no match for me now I changed the competition to kick boxing.

Thanks, everyone! I went into the Group Admin UI and added users through USERS > Edit Users. That worked well and was pretty quick. @lilim, interesting idea re the role. Will try that out next time.  

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