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Admin instructions -- need help

Hi Everyone, We have had a change in our admin, and I'm the new admin for our community page. I have no instructions on how to do the admin role (ex. how to whitelist customers, how to find out newly signed-up customers, how to modify post settings so I get a notification when a new post is listed). Do you know where I can find a video or document that outlines how to perform the role of the admin? I really appreciate your help. Thanks, Pantea
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@illumina - Here is a Admin training module you can get trained on -


I hope this helps.

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Hi Pantea - What Varun pointed to is a good start, but I will warn you that it is a rather larger application and can feel overwhelming at times.  And not to make you any more anxious than you might already be, but there are a LOT of best practices that go along with simply administrating the software.  

Many Administrators also act in the capacity we call a 'Community Manager' too.  Though these roles are often shared, they are not always shared.  If you are not only the administrator of the Community, but also the Community Manager too, then I have a great number of suggestions for you:

1.  Use the heck out of this Community!  The fact that you started a conversation here is a great start.  There is SO MUCH knowledge here.  It is really quite astounding.  The Tribal Knowledge Base (TKB) articles are extremely helpful, but there are also many threads going back years on all things related to Community

2.  Get to know your Customer Success Manager (CSM).  He or she should be able to point you in the general direction of many other things, and they can also (within limits) serve as a product expert and/or keeper of best practices.  If you need product knowledge that borders on the arcane, or if you need strategic or tactical advice that is more advanced, and they cannot help you with it, then they can also help point you in the right direction.  But more often than not, the information is all found here in the Community

3.  Once you make contact with your CSM, one of the things you should know about is your 'staging server'.  This is the sandbox where you can play with the software a bit more without actually impacting your 'production' Community.  Tinkering with the staging server while going through practice videos or documentation is very helpful

4.  Look into the 'certification' and/or 'education' courses that Khoros offers.  The more you familiarize yourself with the 'platform', the more you should be familiarizing yourself with the 'practice' as well.  We have a whole 'Best Practices' center here within this Community 

5.  Remember, we (not just Khoros, but other Khoros customers that participate in this Community) want you and your Community to be successful.  Search for your answers here.  If and when you cannot find them, do not be shy about asking the questions in this Community

6.  For the more 'technical stuff', there is a Developer area of this Community.  If you are somewhat technical (or members of your team are), then the Developer section of this Community can be extremely informative

Good luck!

@EvaVV @ClaudiusH 

@illumina  I was in the same boat as you about a year ago.   Thrown into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim.  I'd been (and still am) admin to other community platforms but Lithium Community was very different and I didn't find it intuitive.   

I started out with the admin "foundation" course which helped a little to navigate around the admin console, but I needed more so I  signed up for the "Community Administrator Training Plan" and the "Community Developer Training Plan" both of which had 5 or 6 courses included.  I'm not a developer, but the developer training plan taught me a lot about how things work.

That got me some basic knowledge but too tell you the truth, the best education was real world where I needed to do something, tried it myself and if I got stuck asked specifics here in the community.  When I'd get really stuck, I'd open a support case.  

The hardest thing for me was to find WHERE to do something.  After a year, going through a UI redesign, going through a few migrations of other platforms to Lithium, I'm *fairly* comfortable finding where to do most common things and I have been able to, by poking around, to find where to do most other things.  Again, I rely on this community a lot and people here have been more than willing to help me as I stumbled blindly along.   Once in a blue moon I'm able to help someone here myself!

Good luck. 


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