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Admin text translation


Is it possible to localize the text in Admin settings such as the Announcement and/or Welcome text without requiring a code push?



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@Ryan_Gilmore, yes its totally possible

you can add Announcement and/or Welcome text in different node of the community, like if you have localized category structure in admin. then you just need to choose that node from admin, and you can add the text under the same category to display it.

Below is the screenshot for reference.



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Thanks @Parshant .

We do not localize by category so your suggestion is not an option for us. 

I would like to have a similar behavior to what can be done via text keys - a set of text that is displayed once but switched based on the user's language preference.

With text keys, you need to publish. With the Announcement/Welcome text, you can change at any time. I would like to be able to combine the text key and Admin text capabilities.

@Ryan Did you figure out how to do it?  I'm hitting the same issue now as we are not localized by category.


Have you considered having language packs added by Khoros? This comes at a cost but allows you to set up a whole new set of text keys in a different language including UI elements and other on page text elements you have changed. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hi @elbranscomb We do have the language packs.  Unfortunately, these values are not translated by them and support has indicated that it is not possible to translate them in any way.

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