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Allow images to attach to post instead of user album (with media experience 5)

Our discussion areas are mostly of the 'tech support' variety. As such, most of the images posted are temp screen shots, etc. to support asking and answering questions. We've had some requests from our top users to *not* use the media experience and one issue of blowing up threads. Here are the issues:

  1. One of our top answerers hates having all of the images in his "media dashboard". So much so that he attaches his images to the post, saves the post, edits, gets the url of the attachment and inserts it as a inline image. All so he can get around having all of his media attached to his account.
  2. We had someone "clean up" his media - not realizing he was deleting good content in threads.

I can see why the media experience was created, but in our case, having the images attached to the content instead of the user is preferably to many (and is easier to manage). Is there a way to selectively turn it off for some parts of the forums? Meaning, for forum A, all images uploaded are directly attached to the thread and in forum B, use media experience.

If not, I'm assuming we cannot switch off the media experience at this point?

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Hi @mdfw -

I have a feeling I know which community this is in regards to... 😬

Updating the Media version was a requirement to update to Editor v2 (see release notes). However, this "issue" was occurring prior to the Media Experience upgrades that occurred in 2015 and onward. Refer to Upload images without putting them in the Image Gallery 

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this OOTB.


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