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Allowing TKB authors to edit their own articles?

We recently implemented TKB in our community. We have created a new TKB author role and granted these users the "Start new articles and edit drafts" permission. However, we want these authors to also be able to edit their articles as updates are required. I have been told that it is essentially impossible and the only option is to grant the "create, edit, publish, and manage articles" permission. However, this would give all authors full control over the TKB. 

The other workaround I understand is that I can add the author as a co-publisher as I publish articles. However, this is also a bit of a pain to do on each article. (Edit article > Change author to co-publisher > Save > Edit article > Remove myself as a contributor > Publish).

I was initially under the impression that authors would be able to edit their own articles based on the "Start new articles and edit drafts permission" by default. However, support has just shared with me that is not the case and it will only allow an author to edit their draft of a new article. 

I am really confused by this because there is a setting to "Delete one's own articles". Shouldn't there be a  permission to "Edit one's own articles"? If it is indeed the case that authors can only edit articles by granting the "Create, edit, publish, and manage articles" permission, there seems to be no point to restricting edits on any articles. Any TKB author would just be able to edit any article; restricted or not. 

I appreciate any insight or advice! I feel like I must just be missing something obvious here.

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@jmuzzana, This Idea is already added here and is Acknowledged by Lithium. But we still don't know the timelines and when it will be implement. Hope we can find better solution for this.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Hi @jmuzzana -

Unfortunately, your understanding is correct. It's an all or nothing situation with TKB permissions. Cat Sad We have had to allow nearly all TKB permissions community-wide to ensure users can edit their own articles.

I hope to see improvements on this in the future! There's a lot that can be done around permissions and notification features for TKB.


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@lilim and @Parshant, thanks for the information! Although it is unfortunate. I was really hoping I was just missing an obvious permission. Smiley Sad

There certainly seems to be a lot of room for improvement with TKB permissions! 


Hey - just came across this thread, it's really useful although looks like what I want to do isn't actually possible! 

I too granted the same permission so that our social team can create new TKB articles and they go to drafts so I can sign off before publishing. Often this team highlight errors with existing TKB articles and I need them to be able to edit and save these to drafts/request review so that they can also be reviewed before I publish them. Are we saying this isn't possible under the current TKB permissions?

I've tested the request review option and subscribed to all TKBs in the hope I would get a notification that someone has saved a revision but this doesn't work either. 

Any help would be appreciated! 


Hi @sarah_m,

Unfortunately, my understanding is also that what we are both wanting to do is not actually possible 😞 I was really surprised as it seems that the editing permission options are very limited.

My understanding is that the only option to enable authors to edit articles is to grant the "Publish changes to articles that don't have editing restrictions" permission, which will allow them to edit any article written by others as well. However, this also allows the author to directly publish the changes on their own without a review, which is not ideal in our case either. 

I also currently have a support ticket open because we are not receiving any TKB email notifications when drafts are submitted for publication or review. Lithium indicated this was due to a bug and other customers also reported the issue, so I'm guessing this could be impacting you as well.

Good luck!

Hey @jmuzzana - thanks for the response.

I've raised with support too so if I hear anything different I will let you know.

Sarah 🙂

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