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Any way to disable the teaser in the authoring view?

The teaser field is a constant annoyance for our blog authors, since we try to do a good job structuring the content itself to be relevant - we're very direct in our style, so our first few sentences are written to address what the teaser normally does.


I suppose we could hide the field via CSS, but I was wondering if there were more elegant options others might have used?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I would consider hiding via CSS a pretty elegant way already 🙂 Just make sure you don't use any presentation widgets (e.g. masonry view) that rely on the content of the teaser field (Although not 100% sure with an empty teaser field these components would fall back to the main body. Worth testing...)

The editor widget that is placed in the PostPage layout doesn't take any further parameters to customize.

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Our articles are often structured the say way so we just dropped the first line of text into the teaser section when publishing, however since moving to publish via Lithium Reach we no longer have to do this as the publish platform pre-fills the teaser with the first line of your article anyway 🙂

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