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Any way to report on Anonymous page views?

I'm trying to get a handle on lurker activity.  I know I can look at the page views of all my registered members and I can see which people are watching and not posting, but what about guest page views?  The community home page tells me how many "guests" are present at any given time, so does Lithium track their page views in any metric?  I'd like to know how many pages non-logged-in guests are viewing too (approximating human behavior, of course, to weed out bots/crawlers).



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Hi Clint, 


Off the top of my head apart from doing some quick calculations using the metrics available through LSI or community admin this could be done.


LSI sees user sessions which are unique to each visitor session to your community so this will give you the picture across the board for both logged in and logged out users.


Community Admin also tracks this within metrics if you use Advanced Metrics to break this down you'll see options to generate reports for Visits based which can be split out with registered user data, simple calculations should give you the numbers you're looking for.


Let me know if this helps or you need more detail 🙂



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Don't know a Lithium metrics source for page views which is why I'm relying on a third party web analytics integration that captures registered vs anonymous user state as well. You can approximate when looking at Lithium Admin Metrics "User Sessions" and "Registered User Sessions" to determine the ratio between those groups. It's just tricky to now obtain the "pages per session" metric since LSI only offers "Views per Visit" and combining Admin with LSI metrics already lead to Lithium Community members getting tarrd and feathered....


In short: Better work with a third party Web Analytics solution and add signed in session tracking. 

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Thanks Robert and Claudius. Your feedback is along the same lines I was suspecting, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something else.

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