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Anyone else tired of explaining reply by email?

Several times a week I have people who reply to the subscription emails instead of clicking the Reply link.  Which is understandable because every other community works that way.  Am I the only one dealing with this?

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I'm dealing with this as well in a multilingual community so I have to respond each time, getting my reply translated advising the user they need to post in the community, or turn on reply by email.

I would love if replies would just go into the community, or if Lithium could apply a note across all email template 'do not reply to this email' (i know i can do this, its just time consuming due to stagings performance).

I'd be curious how many missed messages occur daily from users replying to the email instead of responding via community, or using the Reply link

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Nope you're not alone. It's really annoying, and you'd think it'd be built in that users could reply by email... but, alas. Not a function. Wish it were. Did you check or put it in the IDEAS queue for voting? Lithium sometimes pays attention to it if it has enough upvotes in a few months, but often not. Good luck. 

We modified our email template to account for this as best we could but still get replies. However, this did reduce them significantly:



I think there is an idea for it, but Lithium responded that they wanted to keep doing it the current way for security concerns.  Not sure exactly what those are since most every other community is ok putting the reply by email token/email address in the reply-to field.

Good idea on modifying the template.  I might steal that idea from you!

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Feel free. It wasn't hard to modify. I took it into my IDE and pasted it back rather than working on it in the textarea in Studio.  Easier to see everything that way. 

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