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Anyone using Google Translate?


Anyone using Google translate on their Communities? I interested to find out if this is something that has worked well and if you have any suggestions and learnings from the experience.



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We have actually suggested to our users to use browser translations when the wanna read in their language! We don't know if they're doing it but because our community is in english, it is something we did! 🙂 


We use the iTalent connector for translation. It is setup to use Google translation. We think it does a decent job based on reading the English text of non-English submitted messages. The translation is currently based on a user's language setting in the Community. I don't think many know they can change it from the default value of English.

You can visit to give it a try.

If you haven't already, you may want to read Global Community using automated translations 

I'm hoping that people using Chrome will help our users who don't speak/write English use the site in their native language.  I was actually wondering how we could detect their browser and suggest using the site with Chrome if we detect their browser language to not be set as English. 

the iTalent website is out of date and it makes me wonder if they're even up to date on support so I'm a bit skeptical of them

@Ryan_Gilmore Curious what the cost is on a yearly basis for iTalent? Send a PM if you prefer to keep it private. Thanks

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