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Anyone using Vidyard?

Wondering how you are using it? Does it integrate with the community platform?

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@jennemerson - Could you please elaborate on your use case so I can provide more info? How do you want to have this integration and what all flows to and fro apart from the videos from Vidyard?

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We have been looking at this solution as well! We have users who block the standard apps for streaming and hosting, so we've had to branch out and research platforms that could be utilized instead. 

Hi Varun. Thank you for the reply. 😀 Basically, if I place a video player link in a community post and publish, will folks be able to click the player and play within the post in the community or will that click need to direct that user off the community platform? 🤔

Hey Rose! 😃 What are some of the platforms you have been looking at?


Hi @jennemerson,


We use Vidyard at Dataiku. You can see an example of what an embedded video in a community post looks like here:


We've been very happy with the solution, it provides a good set analytics and is being used across our website, .com, LMS and even within emails.


Hope this helps!

Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
Also previously known as JulieH

Oh, thank you, Julie! That's great to see and very reassuring. 

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