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Appending Username to Link

How can you append a username to a link in the community? That is, is there is a link in the support community, how can we automatically add a username to it in hopes to determine which users are clicking that link?  Is there another way you can determine when a link is clicked and by who? Is there a place where reports can be created on what username visited and when?

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You can use JavaScript to get click event on the link.

${} will give you "users unique id" in the community, and ${user.login} will give you the username they have added in the community. Using this you can use both the information and pass this to your link where you want them.

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If you just want to understand or follow a bit closer which content individual users (or using cohorts) were consuming on your community you can use Khoros Community Analytics. You can filter the content report by individual user id or roles to understand which content they are viewing.

If you are looking at links to external sites then you would need to create custom components to append a user hash (I would be careful with just the user id as that would leave easily identifiable traces along the way) to this link.

Maybe you can share a bit more details on which behaviour you want to understand and we can share other options. 

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@Claudius Thank you for the reply.  We are sending users to another site to download files they need that we've been advised NOT to put on our soon-to-exist Khoros site.  We want to send user data so we know who downloaded what, when.  I think our options are 1) to pull metrics by page on the Khoros side, and just assume anyone who visited that page clicked the link and downloaded - which I am hoping will be easy to do on Khoros, OR 2) we need to send user data so we can track it on the other side. 

Any more advice?   

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