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Applying multiple best practicies....

For a variety of reasons, our Community, while healthy wasn't in fighting fit shape!

However, thanks to some fantastic best practice sharing on this Community, thought I'd share the changes and over time updates on progress.

Labels (aka Devices on our Community)

Originally a bit of bespoke coding to allow members to personlise their profile with devices (to show their expertise), I've now updated to reflect not only all the devices we sell but also extended to cover some of the services as well. Customers are able to use them on their profile but if they want an icon reflecting CX, that's fine by me. What it gives me is the ability to quickly build clusters of like content to track in analytics and also for any trends. Also gives customers the chance to see all posts for iPhone X, for example, and subscribe to that feed. Looking to apply this to network updates in future.

Ongoing work to label all posts but with moderators help and super users, hope to have done by Feb.


Tooks a while but thanks to the power of batch processing, have archived everything but the past 12 months of posts. Instant impact is to make the boards feel cleaner and less overwhelming and from a business perspective, removes a lot of feedback/discussions about old customer service issues that have long been resolved but of course kept showing up in Google etc, so a little brand management also. Will now archive at the end of each calendar month - 100,000 posts done in the last mega batch!

Closed replies to solutions

Another excellent piece of BP from these boards to drive fresh posts and stop old topics floating up again when someone replies to something from 11 months ago! Having done the archiving, batch processing all solutions over past 12 months (check all, block replies) was pretty simple and so hoping to see the results of that over the Xmas period and beyond.


As mentioned, will pop back and update as and when kudos to the contributors who have me along in the past month as I plough my little solo community manager furrow!



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Hi Mike,


Thanks for sharing your successes!


Can you expand a little more on your archiving process? Did you make the topic archived but searchable from within the community?




Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Hiya, no completely out of sight for customers (visible to moderators and myself) and upon analysis clear that little or value. Those that were already floated kept but going to re-review for relevancy as our product and service set changes frequently.


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