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Khoros Staff

Approving avatars.

I am an admin on my own community, where do I go to approve Avatars for users?  I assumed I would get a notification that something needed to be approved, but several of my users have told me they get the following message "After it's approved, your avatar will be updated.".  How do I approve it?

Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director
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You'll need to approve them in the Image console. 


Generally there should be a link to the Image console in the Admin section of your home page, or via ...yourcommunityurl.../t5/media/imageconsolepage


If you're not overly concerned about risk then you might shift to a post-mod system where the images are automatically approved. You would need to change user permissions. "Bypass image moderation" set to grant.


Hope that helps.




Thank you so much!!!
I talked to my Mod team and we decided to go with the "bypass". For future reference, how do I navigate to the Media Console page? I found it by appending your URL to my community, but I could not find where I could get to it, without your URL!


One more thing, I found the batch approval feature, how nice!  Thanks so much!!

Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director

Glad I could help @A11ey.


Most communities will have a component on their front page that only appears for admins with links to all the admin tools you use regularly, like the Admin, Switch User, Spam Quarantine, Image Console, LSI etc. If you don't have that you might want to get it added for convenience.




I have Admin, LSI, switch user. Nothing else! I will get with my tech team too figure this out! Thanks again!
Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director

Hello @A11ey,


I think the link to the Image Console is something that you have to ask Lithium to enable to display as a link on your community.
It will only appear for Admin/Mod roles if you're using standard configurations. Normal users won't see it. 



You need admin rights and access to your staging env. Here’s the XML for the Image Moderation component 

  • <component id="images.widget.moderation"/>


To update:


  1. Navigate to Stage -> Studio -> Page -> Community Page
  2. Select ‘Switch to XML View’
  3. And place the above component under the <component id="community.widget.admin-links"/> component.
  4. Save


This will expose the Image Moderation component under the usual Community Admin, LSI, etc. links in the Community Dashboard


Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director

Ah! That's great that it's an Admin control. Smiley Very Happy

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