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Archived Idea Posts

Hi, I can't seem to find the post anymore, but I REMEMBER seeing a topic about Value Analytics maybe? where Lithium came back and said, "This idea has been archived, because it didn't have enough votes."  We are trying to refine our idea processes in our Community. 


 What does it mean to "archive" the post? What functionality is implemented to perform this action?


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@Jaime_Lee - 

There are two scenarios. 

1. In your case, you are talking about the idea.  An idea has a different type of status e.g new,  need info, delivered, archived.  Depending upon the idea an admin can change the status of an idea.

  • New: Newly submitted idea awaiting team review
  • Needs Info: More information is needed from the author of this idea
  • Investigating: Idea is being investigated and scoped by the team
  • Accepted: Idea has been accepted by the team
  • Declined: Idea has been rejected by the team
  • Delivered: Idea has been completed and delivered to customers

You further can create your own status.  Archived is just an idea status which means this idea is closed because it did not get enough kudos and support from the community members. 

Below are the links which will be helpful to implement this which lithium provide OOTB.


2. Archiving a forum post - In this case we just move the forum post to an archive board if the post is too old and not useful.  You will need to create a private board or public board (depending upon if you want to give access to archive post to users.) This board will be hidden from the community structure. 

Below links for this.

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