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Archiving Posts

So we had a process of "archiving" posts that were over 1 year old within our Community.  Our process was to go board by board, find any post that was created over a year ago, post a new reply to the thread with a message stating "the thread was archived, but saved for education purposes and to create a new post if they need help," and blocking new replies.


We stopped this process because we thought that there should probably be a little more going into what gets archived besides just the date on the post.  So I wanted to get some thoughts on this.  I saw this post, and while there is some great information there, it does not seem like the right fit for our Community and the posts that we have.  We also are currently not deleteing any posts, just commenting & blocking new replies. 


How do you archive within your Community?  Do you have a specific Archive board?  How do you determine what gets archived and what does not? 


Thanks in advance

Samantha O'Connor
Community Manager
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I can try to point the easy changes (like board or role names) but I can't know exactly what parts will need to be modified to fit your community structure.


For example, the component has a drop down to pick the destination board. In our English community all the archive boards are on the same Category, so the component requires that Category ID to pull the board's names and ID to set the destination for the archived threads. Our non English communities decided they wanted to have the archive boards inside their corresponding product boards, so I had to modify some parts of the component to make it happen.




Like I said, I'm happy to share the components but unfortunately I can't guarantee they will work on your communities "out of the box". 

I'll attach the components and a brief explanation on my next reply.



Hi everyone!


Here are the components. 

archive-threads.ftl: Is the custom component used on the Category/Board pages, this is the one that we added to our quilts.

archive-endpoint.ftl: Is the endpoint that archives posts based on conversation.last_post_date. 

archive-endpoint-post-date.ftl: This is a slightly modified version of the endpoint to have to option to archive posts by original post date, not conversation.last_post_date. 

text-keys.txt: Text keys used on the component.

This is the UI the Admin/Mod sees on the page. They have to select a range of dates, source board (if it's on a Category page) and destination board. We also have a few optional fields there:


When you click "Archive" the endpoint starts processing the request and it will return a small report containing the request details and which threads were moved. The custom component uses Javascript to translate this report into a readable format and display it on a new window.


In our experience, due to endpoint timeouts, it's better to archive threads in small batches, otherwise you will get a timeout error (warning: some threads might have been archived even if you see this error). You can run the tool without checking "Move posts" to see if the batch is small enough before actually doing any archiving.


Hope that helps!

Awesome work @fuenteso. Many thanks for sharing with everyone.




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