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Archiving forum/groups - best practice

So - I can see there is an archive function for individual TKB/FORUM posts etc.

But what is the 'best practice' for archiving entire sections?

Currently we move the category to a category called 'archive' in the community structure section in the admin panel.

This category is hidden from lists and menus - and its pretty much totally locked down in the permissions section.

What I cant figure out is setting up the URL redirects.

So - like I said, is this 'best practice'?

Is there a guide/howto or a newer/better way of archiving whole TKBs/Groups/Forums by category?

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Out of box I don’t think there is an easy way to redirect an entire node.

In your specific instance though - Settings List Editor has an option for entering a destination URL which will redirect anyone who accesses it. Magic. 

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