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Are these filter and sorting option on boards available?

Are options like these available in Lithium?


1) Different "Filter" selector to choose to "See only New", "See Only Solved", "See only Un-Solved" etc.

Or alternatively,

2) Sort functionality to the column headers would bring to the top posts of most interest. (the limitation here is that you are restricted to the column headers for "filtering" the posts.(image cuts off other columns, but you get the point).


A member made the suggestion and they made a lot of sense.



Data for everyone!
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@maikelson Agree that they are good suggestions. There's not the kind of filtering option you've presented here available out of the box on the platform, but there are similiar pages available.


For example, users can view all posts or threads that they haven't yet opened at this Unread discussions page - 


You can see only solved posts by doing a search across the community and limiting that search to only posts with accepted solutions - eg


You could offer these links as hard coded buttons as an alternative to developing some sort of filter. 


You might also like to make the suggestion of the filter option at browsing level on the Product Ideas section of this community


Hope this is helpful. 





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