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Are users notified when their post is put in Spam Quarantine?

We just launched our community in mid March. Coming from Jive I'm used to receiving an email every time something goes into moderation. Khoros doesn't seem to let me know in my notification feed that something is in quarantine, I don't receive an email or any other type of heads up. During the weekend it can sit there unless I remember to look at the quarantine from my phone.

Since we're a newer community it's still learning which established members are not spammers. For newer users this can be the case as well. I personally haven't had anything get marked in the spam quarantine so I don't know if there is any heads up to the user that it went into moderation or any post publish/post on page confirmation that the post was successful but needs to be looked at by a moderator. Whatever the case is, the members think that the post disappeared into the ether so they post a second time.  Sometimes the second one goes through, other times it doesn't. So if I approve it later they end up with two of the same post, either because the first one is approved and the second one posted or I approve them both and now there are two copies of the same thing.

I'm curious if others have encountered this an what can be done to help people understand that their post was posted but needs to be approved so they just need to hang tight. The other side is that hopefully I can get more real-time notifications so that I can approve it quickly so it appears and so I don't have to constantly be clicking the Spam Quarantine board.

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Khoros Staff

For the Spam Quarantine, users aren't notified if their post was sent there. As a moderator, you can remove legit posts from the quarantine, so they reappear on the community. It's best practice to check the quarantine on a regular basis to avoid legit posts from staying in there too long. 

Duplicate posts can be handled by removing one of the duplicates (don't mark as spam unless it's actual spam) to a private board and letting the remaining post live on the community. You could PM the user to explain that you removed their duplicates but left the original on the community, so they are aware. 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hey Mark

Just to add to what Nicole mentions, message authors should see a banner informing them their message went into quarantine but there's no push notification as such.

There also isn't a notification pushed out to admins or moderators about content going into quarantine although the topic has come up before and was submitted as an idea here.

As an admin, your posts will automatically bypass moderation/spam actions due to your permission settings (Bypass automatic spam rejection, Bypass moderation).  You could consider enabling the same permission(s) to a role for your most trusted community members.


Thanks @NoamanA I'll have to create a post and try to get it to mark it as spam.  Members of the community apparently haven't seen this banner. I haven't seen it as an admin either either in replies or in root articles/topics. People simply are reporting that it isn't there.


I'm a one man show. We don't have moderators or people to be checking the site around the clock. Having a notification helps me in off hours be able to quickly see if there is anything for moderation or spam and release it quickly without having to log on and go to the home page and then click on the link on mobile.  It's just overly labor intensive.

Understood on the duplicate post however the point is that because the person feels that their post is just disappearing into the ether they're posting a second time. As a moderator if one is successful in posting and the other is not I'm not going to know it's a duplicate post unless they're both in spam and then I can see that they are copies and I can choose to release one and not the other. The point being that if there is some indicator immediately that the post has been labeled then the user is less apt to post again thereby not creating a duplicate post situation. 

It's just an odd moderation experience that is not very time efficient. If you have a moderation team that is one thing and you can figure it out but it doesn't scale well for community manager like myself who don't have a vacation back-up or others to share the burden.

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