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Attaching a .ps1 file to a post fails

Our users are having trouble attaching .ps1 files to posts in our Community. When submitting a post with such an attachment it fails with the following error: "The attachment's xx.ps1 content type (application/octet-stream) does not match its file extension and has been removed."

For example:


Does anybody have any ideas on how to get past this and successfully get a .ps1 attachment posted?

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I'd be surprised if anyone in the community can answer this one. It sounds like an issue that will require a support ticket to resolve.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

OK - will do. Thanks for the pointer.


To close the loop on this for anybody else coming across this topic: Khoros have confirmed that there is a defect causing problems here.

The workaround we are using at the moment is to compress .ps1 files in .zip files, and attach the .zip file instead.

I'm facing the same error with .icb files. Is this getting resolved?

@maryironclad - FWIW, we recently received notification from Khoros that this issue has been fixed for us (at least in our staging environment - production is not yet updated).

Thank you for the update, @cgrinton

@maryironclad, if you haven't already, could you please create a support ticket so that our support team could look into this and help? 


Is this getting resolved.

@Mark8307.ps1 files, and .icb files are custom files and were reported to the engineering team as bugs. .ps1 file type has a patch. I recommend creating a support ticket as the support team will need to make some changes to support those file types. 

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