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Auto-Response for Unanswered Posts

Hi all, 

We are blessed with a Community platform that receives a ton of traffic and engagement. One downside to that is we see a lot of questions go unanswered. We'd like to implement an auto-responder for questions without a response after 24 hours. The auto-responder will have links to resources and our Customer Service team.

I am wondering if anyone can advise how we might be able to implement an auto-responder?  

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @stacias, did you get a chance to check the PM I sent you regarding this?

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Hi all, 


I see a lot of answers here regarding auto response in community, but what about the Care platform? (not sure if there is a difference) I work in financial services so we get everything from servicing requests, to complaints, to things that don't matter. In an effort to maintain a response service level commitment of under 2 hours is there a way to auto respond acknowledging the customer at the very least that someone will be responding to them soon?

I've set up auto response in our community to kick in at 48 hours when a root level post doesn't get a reply.  The system sends an email notification to a mailbox monitored by one of our community team members who then forwards it to the right support people so they can respond.  Here's what the poster sees on their post:


And here's what it looks like in the thread list:


It works well in our product support community.   Our members appreciate it. 


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Not possible out the box but the platform does have triggers for unanswered posts you could hook into but essentially you'd have to build something custom. 

You could use the email alerts for auto escalation of an unanswered post then build something that auto replies, not sure if that would work though just a mad idea... a better option would be to build something using the apis to find unanswered topics then push a boiler plate reply to the topic, i think auto desk did something similar with a bot ....?


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@VarunGrazitti wrote:

Thanks, @Wendy_S  PrepaidGiftBalance

Hi @stacias  - Would be great if we can discuss this further. Let me know and we can set up a zoom bridge. I will send you my email in the PM.


sir i want to discuss too .. can we?

@chassidy1379  - Yes, sure.

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i will pm you my contact details

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