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Auto-add user to Group hub based on Role Assignment

Is there a way for us to auto-assign a user to a Board or a Group Hub if they are assigned a particular role?


An example use case I am trying to figure out is:

User is given an advanced role, when the user is assigned that role, they get auto-enrolled to a Advanced Users closed group




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Automatically, no.

You can send invites using the advanced menu in the group hub invites to send invites to a global role though - You would just manually have to go do that whenever you want it done.


There's no automatic joining to group hubs based on roles (even though such functionality used to be available for the older "groups" ). 

But in your original question you asked if users can be "auto assigned" to a board: And the common setup for that is permission restricted access to categories or boards using roles. More information in the great articleCreate and provide access to a private category for specific community members 

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@Claudius thanks for this doc.

I'll use it for boards but for Group Hubs I think I'll still get stuck even if I follow the above doc


Specific to Group Hubs - I need to document it still, and we don't have it setup in production so I can't share an example but we implemented this with our partner Grazitti via custom work.  It cannot be done out of the box 😞 

During login, we check the roles assigned and if its been specified we automatically add, as well as remove a members group access. 

There no group owner, or member action required as well

A random sidenote potentially but we also added the ability to ask questions similar to Facebook in an attempt to stop random folks from joining every group.  I'm hoping to document this, and the automatic role stuff in a 'We built this' post like you've done in the past @StanGromer (you've inspired me)

This is exactly what my use case is 😀

I'll be waiting patiently for the production example but it's great to hear it's doable. I was not expecting it to be out of the box anyway.


As long as I can make some API calls behind the scenes I'll be happy

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