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Automated emails for keywords in posts

Hey there! I help moderate a forum and we've been looking at a more efficient way to find key words and get an automated email about it. For example, if someone says the word "frog" in a thread, no matter what board it is on, I would like an email sent to our admin email that just says "here's x post that contained this hot word: frog" and then a link to that post. Is this a feature and if so, how do I enable it? I don't want the post to be flagged, or not posted because it has said word, like smut words. I want the community members to be able to freely post, but for me to see it via email so I know it is important and needs to be responded to ASAP! 

Any help would be appreciated! Hope this makes sense, let me know any question y'all may have. Thanks in advance!!

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Hi @emilykingsley - you can actually set the content filters to "take no action" and just notify the mods that the term was used.

I have also subscribed to a search term so I am personally notified if a user uses my first name.


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