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Automatic subcription to groups



I wonder if anyone knows a way that we can make anyone who joins a group automatically subscribed to the content in that group. We are getting quite a lot of people joining groups but then very little interaction on threads posted in them. I am wondering whether this is because they are not seeing the threads amongst all of the other content that is being posted and appearing on our homepage feed so would like to trial automatically subscribing people to any groups that they join. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this as I can't find an appropriate setting.




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Khoros Expert

Hi Ceri @cheathcote ,


Yes, that's pretty easy to set up, and one of the big advantage of being part of a group actually. The very few steps to follow are right here :


"Email subscriptions enable you to notify group members of new group posts or responses to their own posts. With email subscriptions enabled, group members are subscribed to group subscriptions automatically. Users can change their personal subscription options in their personal settings."



Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

@ArnaudL Thanks for this. We have already changed the settings as per this instruction but they still don't seem to get the notifications

Hi @cheathcote. Just for checking : did you try to register a new member to a group ? Just to make sure if it's not applied to already registered member, your settings work at least for new ones.


Of course, this is NOT the final solution. Just quick check.

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

@ArnaudL yes we have added a new member to a group, the allow subscriptions setting for this group set  is default to 'grant'. But when a new person joins they don't receive notifications of posts. 


We are also having another issue with groups. We can't work out which setting we should change to allow only members of the group to post to the group. 



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