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Avatar Resolution Style Guide?

I am the newly appointed community manager for our organization. 

We recently launched Hermes a little over a month ago and we are ramping up phased updates for the year!  As we prepare to encourage our community members to upload their own avatar images I am noticing that some placements do not render the custom avatars very well. 

We are an imaging company and I think it is important to make sure our member avatars show up crisp and clean. 

Are there resolution style guides for avatars that customers upload?

Here is some feedback from our community...


It would be great if the personal avatars would show up correctly throughout out the site.  In many places, a very fuzzy and pixelated version displays.   The generic avatars though look crisp everywhere.

While I didn't go through all the locations where one's avatar is shown, the following are problematic:

  1. upper-right-corner of the site
  2. Likes Given To listing
  3. Popular Authors listing
  4. In the 'Reply to the topic...' box.

It does show up properly though in any discussion thread.

Note that I'm viewing the site on a Mac with a Retina display, these images appear to not even be normal resolution, so probably an issue with non-retina displays too. 

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