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Award for Leaderboards

Hi all,


Just want to collect some ideas for our new community. My community wants to start featuring active member for the month, just to acknowledge them so they'll return to community and lending a hand frequently as they do now, and to create competitiveness between members. What would be the metrics that you would look for to certify the user as "active for the month" and how would you reward them?


Thanks for your suggestions!



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@fatinmunirah - It is completely subjective and depends on how you measure the competitiveness of your community. For some, it might be getting X number of kudoes or for some, providing more solutions could be the main metrics. Here at Lithium community, they reward top kudoed authors at the end of each month, and some communities might have other metrics as well related to how they see the active participation. 


I hope this helps.

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We're looking to reward users who create the most Accepted Solutions - this is to move our help community more towards a peer-to-peer model rather than us providing all the answers.


We use a weighted formula to assess contribution where replies give a small value, kudos a medium value and solutions are large one.

Similar to ranking formula, we do not allow users to know specifically how it works to avoid anyone gaming the system. This also gives us flexibility to reward users who didn't quite make the top spot but we want to recognise. Example; a user who has been on community for less than a few months and has already reached a high spot in the leaderboard. A recognition thrown their way is a good encouragement to continue. Alternatively, if the same person is in the top spot each month it is possible to reward the number 2 or even 3 without ruffling feathers.
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2Here's an example link for the Lithium Community Top Contributor announcement that Varun mentioned: 


Generally I would recommend you have a look at the member related reports within LSI to identify active contributors.

  1. Check LSI > Members > Top Members and the "Superusers" list to understand who's exceptionally contributing to your community
  2. Within LSI > Content reports (which you can filter by area) switch over to the "Members" view on top to identify top readers ("Page Views" metric),  contributors ("Topics Published", "Replies Authored" and "Solutions Authored" metrics) and passive contributors (Kudos metrics)

You can use these as inspiration to create your monthly curated list of members you want to highlight and/or honour with a badge.

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