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Badge Assignment

Hi fellow Community experts đź‘‹,

Does anyone know if there is a way to create some unique badge assignments such as the following:

  • Can you have the system assign a user a badge if they bookmark a specific discussion?
  • Can you have the system assign a user a badge if they "like" and/or "reply" to a specific discussion?

Ultimately, I am trying to understand if there are any unique ways to assign a fun and creative badge by a user taking some sort of one time action on a specific discussion in our community. Any ideas on how to do this!?

Thank you!


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Hi @alexislbrown,

I like the idea for number two but I don't think there will be an easy (non manual) way of going it. 

You can easily create a badge that will be granted to users if they have a particular role, but it then the challenge becomes how to they get the role? If that's a manual process, then there's obviously going to be a bit of work involved. But for a one-off event, that might be OK.

For the bookmark one, I don't think that would be possible but hopefully smarter people than me can suggest a way. 

I've been pushing for these for a long time:

Feel free to add your vote and comments to them. 🙂






@JasonHill , this is very helpful. Although not the answer I was hoping for, it does help me to know that this is a desired functionality that others would like to see. I'll review each of your shared ideas to give some extra support.