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Badge Progress Notification

Is there any way to send automatic push notifications to people about their badge progress? Example: "You are 3 posts away from achieving blank badge!". Or display progress of badges on their profiles?
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No, there isn't any ability to really create workflows like this (At least not that I am aware of). 


The only workaround I think would would really be to query the API, build out the logic outside of Lithium to determine if/when to send an email, and use a third party mail provider to send out the progress emails.


Perhaps something to be submitted as an idea.

I think having progress to next milestone would be a great addition. It would also be good to have custom notifications for earning a badge so you could mention the new badge tier in he email.

You could perhaps use the badge notification email template?
Customize it and put the next milestone in the Email notification they receive when earning the previous badge. Use that notification to tell them what's needed to get to that next badge(s). Not sure if your badges are purely progressive. If there is a chance they could earn another badge in between for another milestone/activity you may need to do a bit more math, or perhaps tell them which badges are up next and which activities can make them earn it.


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I know there is a way to customise rank emails using text fields but as far as I am aware the badge notification email is a single template, ie. it cannot be customised for each individual badge earned.

It would be grand if you could.

@fuenteso Did we not recently talk about this and how we have one of the notifications for the 1st badge earned customized (to inform users about their first post being successful and will be responded to soon) while the rest is using the standard template?

This leads me to believe it is possible to customize them.


But not 100% sure.

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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That's correct @Wendy_S . There's only one template for Badge notifications but it is possible to customize it by adding a condition that checks the name of the badge being awarded.

For example:

      #if ( ${notification.badge.title} eq "Conversation Starter")
         <title> <<Title for "Conversation starter" badge notification>> </title>
      #elseif ( ${notification.badge.title} eq "Conversation Wizard")		
         <title> <<Title for "Conversation Wizard" badge notification>> </title>
         <title> <<Generic title for the rest of the badges>> </title>		

       #if ( ${notification.badge.title} eq "Conversation Starter")
          << Custom template for the "Conversation started" badge >>

       #elseif ( ${notification.badge.title} eq "Conversation Wizard")
          << Custom template for the "Conversation Wizard" badge >>

          << A general template for the rest of the badges >>


You can add as many conditions as you want and thus, customize the notification for any number of badges.


Hope that helps!

Thanks @fuenteso 

I thought it was possible since we have this set up today. Thanks for explaining the technicalities. Kido to my favorite developer magician.


@DanK  I hope this is useful for you too. 





Learning from others and helping where I can!
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