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Badge rule for Question Authors who Mark a reply as an Accepted Solution?

I'm setting up badges for our brand new Lithium community.


I would like to configure an advanced badge rule for question authors who mark a reply as an accepted solution.


In this screen shot, I tried to use a variable from this Lithium doc 



However, it appears that "author_accepted_solutions is not a supported metric.


Are there any other workarounds?


thanks for your help!  Lainie


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Welcome to the Lithium family and good luck with the new community. If i understand your question you want to "badge" the person who accepts the solution? Typically this is almost always going to be the OP "the person who asked the question in the first place" and im not sure why you would want to reward that action.


If you however allow anyone to accept a solution then i can see your logic however that wouldn't be best practise and could leave you with a lot of solutions however the quality of said solutions may be very poor as people accept any old post to get a solution an a badge, i actually only allow staff, super users and the OP to accept a solution on my community and spend a lot of time validating and educating users about whats a good/bad solution. 


Also im not sure your metric point is supported by badges at the moment. 


Checkout the About badge rules and supported badge criteria for a full list of whats supported. 



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Thank you @Fellsteruk, we want to incentivize our members to mark a thread or answer as an "accepted solution" - if it in fact solved their problem. 


We also have a badge for "community users who receive their first accepted solution on a thread by a community peer"


but we also want, a badge that might "encourage users to mark a thread or response as an "accepted solution" 


Does that makes sense? Sounds like it might not be available?



Unfortunately there's no out of the box support for a badge rule for those that mark posts as Solutions.


I can understand you wanting to encourage that behaviour but don't think a badge is the right way to go as it might encourage users to mark frivolous posts as solutions just so they get the badge(s).


I would encourage you to look at other ways of encouraging community members to accept solutions. Here's plenty of good advice in this thread that I'm sure you will find useful -


If you'd like to chat about any of the ideas, feel free to get back to me.


Good luck,




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