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Badge statistics

Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a possibility to make a badge report. 

I would like to see which badge has been earned by whom. 


Any ideas?


Thank you in advanced




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The only way that I know of is to navigate to Admin > Users > Badges and click on the numbers in the Awarded column next to each badge. You'll have to click on the number for each badge to download .CSV files with the list. Obviously that creates quite a bit of manual work in Excel if you want to aggregate the data (I use Alteryx to quickly blend these files together).


Badge reporting is an obvious area for improvement for the LSI team.

I'm resurrecting this thread curious to know if something evolved.


I launched badges last week, @BrianOblinger believe it or not, and was trying to find a single report to

1) Have a overview of each badges earn by how many users


2) be able to extract one single report so we can filter badges and users


3) capacity to extract per role. Eg. if a internal team is doing a friendly competition, be able to extract the list of names and badges they have earned. 

Congrats on the launch of badges, @Jasmin!


  1. Basic badge reporting is available in LSI > Badges
  2. You can click on the gear icon on the table and choose Export (CSV) to get a sortable list
  3. It looks like you can filter these reports by Role as usual in LSI



I might be blind or it's my french canadian way but I don't see anything in LSI.


Does it takes a while to appear on LSI post go-live?

Hmm. Maybe you have to ask for it to be enabled?

@KennethS what am I missing?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@BrianOblinger is correct. At the moment you do have to request that it be enabled in LSI. Definitely a shortcoming that is on the list to be addressed. But in the meantime, please create a support case to have the LSI Badges page enabled.

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It would be valuable to see the number of badges awarded from a community manager perspective. Is there any action or mechanism being developed to gain insights in badges awarded?

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