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Badges and Roles

Does anyone know if you can exclude specific roles from your badging criteria?

Also, has anyone done this with a badging implementation?


We are discussing excluding our Paid Agents from earning badges for activities such as Posts, Kudos, Solutions, etc.? 


Thanks so much!


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Hi @RaySavich 


Not sure if you are aware that you can exclude certain roles (such as your employees) from Kudos and Accepted Solutions leaderboards so they are left to your customers only.


For Kudos, in the Admin go to Features/Kudos, then in the box "


Same goes for Accepted Solutions...






@RaySavich  - if you are looking to exclude certain roles from your Leaderboards (Solution Leaderboard), I am pretty sure you can do that.  Here is the information


I am not sure if that is your issue - but this may help you.


I think we have the same general issue with our community composition and wanting to showcase and recognize customers (but with some differences). 


Teresa aka Feef

Thanks Jason, not sure how I missed that. I appreciate the help
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are currently planning on making it so you can exclude roles from badges in 15.7.  I will update this thread if anything changes.

We don't have paid agents

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