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Badges awarded from integration

Hi! We're thinking of integrating a few other platforms to work with our community - like one for our ideation / brainstorm. Was wondering, is there a way to connect the two for gamification, with badges and ranks. For instance, pulling in the user created a brainstorm on X platform... hope this makes sense lol

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It totally makes sense what you are asking. 

I am in between of somthing similar. I am working on the gamification enhancement where integration is required between Khoros and Croudvocate/Influtive. 
And yes, we can integrate the third party platforms using http connections/endpoints. 

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Thank you! Would integrating third party platforms using http connections / endpoints need to be handled by the khoros side or our teams dev/eng resources? 

That can be handled by -

  1. Your dev team if they are familiar with Khoros development 
  2. Khoros but you have to buy their professional services 
  3. Third Party Vendor 
Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query

Thank you- super helpful! May be back with more questions when we get this on the roadmap!

Khoros Staff

@Finney0225 This is more additive to the conversation but I wanted to state that we are looking at gamification updates in our future roadmap and integrations are a big part of that discussion.  I'd love to discuss this further with you when you are ready!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Yes @LarryI - hi 🙂 ! Planning for new year- lets touch base then! 

@FinnyP Check out my post here ->

Same idea, just replace OKTA with whatever platform you are using, and then there is a few ways to connect all the dots within Khoros to make the magic happen.

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