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Ban deleted users?

Hi there, 


we're wondering about a user who deletes his account and reentering the community with the same name again to write same crappy replies and deleting his account again. 

As far as I have understood you could ban users by using his IP adress or his name as a banning criteria. But if the user is deleting his account before you can figure out his IP etc. you can't ban him, right?

So does anyone know, what we could do. That guy really annoys us. 



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Heya @CKummer! That's no fun 😞 

Are you using SSO? If so you might be able to get their IP from logs.

If not perhaps Khoros support could help you with identifying this persons IP address but I think you'd need to provide windows of time when the user registered and deleted their account.  

Beyond IP, are they always using the same email address, or a unique domain? Perhaps you could make a ban preventing anyone from using a specific domain if thats the case? 

Sneaky perhaps, and impacting to other users temporarily but I'm wondering if turning off the ability to close an account, unless a certain amount of time has passed via roles would allow you to 'catch' them before they delete the account again? 

Once caught you can revert to your previous role settings?


@tyw Thanks for your thoughts. 

Yes, I have turned off the ability to close an account by their own. As a next step, I have to review and rethink our closing process. 

One question regarding the ability to ban users who has been deleted already. Where can I record the data that this user can't reactivate the account?

Kind regards



You could also try setting a content filter for this username and try to catch the user before the account is deleted again?

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@tyw I've found it. I double checked it with the audir logs and I'm quite sure that I have identified the users IP. 

The question now is, how to configure the banning? Do I have to use only the IP or should I use the name as well and set the checkmark at "Match any of the above criteria" to make sure that the user is not able to use neither the name nor the IP? I'm asking because I don't understand the meaning of "-2"which is shown in the field "User-ID"


Uncheck everything except Match any of the above criteria and Make ban permanent.

Clear every text box followed by entering their in the IP Address field 

Enter a internal\public reason (optional) followed by clicking Save

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