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Batch Upload: Migrations of User Group Members to a different User Group

@Claudius and I are wondering if there is a streamlined way to use batch uploads to move members of a user group to a new user group?

User Case: We had two user groups that are now merging into one User Group. For SEO purposes we created a brand new group so we have rosters of two different user groups. Is there a way to utilize the batch upload process to migrate everyone over? Would we just need to create a new role to accomplish that? Anyone have any similar use cases they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance!

Corey Strausman
Community Manager, Engagement and Activation
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Khoros Staff

@CoreyStrausman  @Claudius you could see about getting a list of members from a particular group hub using our APIs. Something like -

SELECT id, login from users where = '<groupHubId>'

Then using the list to do role upload and invites


We're in the middle of launching some group hubs - We've just been doing new role titled "ProjectXImport" - Import all users into that role.  Go into the Group Hub, select the role, click menu to 'add all', scroll to bottom, "save", add message, send.

That invites everyone in the group.

*Keep in mind the not well documented fact that if you must "invite" users to get all the benefits and have them automatically subscribed - If you manually add the users via Admin and/or via API, they will not automatically be subscribed to the hub.

Thanks both for the ideas. Preferably we were looking for a no code way to perform it via Admin, so Stan's route via assigning a role to all legacy group members and then use that role to invite all to the new seems like the best way.

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Thank you so much @StanGromer this worked like a charm!

Corey Strausman
Community Manager, Engagement and Activation

Thank you @StanGromer I have been combing through documentation looking for this information. 

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