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Batch processing on unread posts - for regular users


At the beginning of this month we moved to Khoros from a PHP based forum, where it was kinda easy for users to check unread posts in a somewhat filtered way. I managed to find that here we have the Unread Posts Page, which can be filtered by board id, which is a good start, however, it is still possible that one is not interested in all posts.

Moderators and admins have the possibility to batch process, so they can mark certain posts are read. This option is not available for regular users, so they need to manually open all unread posts one by one if they want to clear out their queue.

Is it possible with any settings to achieve something similar for regular users? Can they somehow batch process their unread content?

Thank you,

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Just to clarify with an image.




As a moderator of that forum, I have this option to select posts in the unread list and I can mark them as read.

Can this option be given to regular users so they can get rid of posts they know they don't want to read.

Otherwise the only way to remove them from this list is to actually read the post.





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