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Benefits for integrating with Salesforce?

Hey guys- Wondering what information is sent from Khoros to SF and vice versa when integrating with Salesforce and advice on if i should do this integration or not. 

For a bit of background: we don't manage our cases via SF, but rather Service Now. SF is our record of truth though and roles are pushed from SF to Okta and Okta assigns the roles into Khoros. 

I believe this integration carries over profile details, community activity and user metrics. Does it carry over anything else? I watched this training video and it's obviously super old, so wondering if anything has changed? 

Does it make sense for us to do this integration? In what ways would it benefit us- especially with our cases being managed in Service Now?


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @akloepfer -

This doesn't directly answer your question, but we ended up building a custom Khoros/SFDC connector. This is because (a) we wanted to create leads in SFDC as well as contacts; the OOTB connector only deals with contacts, (b) we wanted to have more flexibility in the matching logic between Khoros & SFDC (OOTB connector only connects Khoros users to the first-created contact, IIRC), (c) we wanted to send some role-related information from SFDC to Khoros, and the connector doesn't do that, and finally (d) we didn't need the escalation/case-management features which seem to be the focus of the OOTB connector.

Hope this is helpful context for you!



Here is the updated doc

I think it would not add much weightage to the community if you are not managing your cases and TKBs in Salesforce. But I would like to know how you are managing your ServiceNow Cases in Khoros community. Are you using any connector to fetch all the cases in Khoros or users need to login into ServiceNow to manage their cases? 

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HI @CarolineS , we seem to need to do exactly the same dev for our company's Case Portal.. Could you please share who helped you with this development and if it's now working fine?

We have very similar requirements as well, so curious to know how you tackled that! we have initially purchased the Khoros Case Portal directly with them, but during implementation we found out of all of these blocks that don't allow us to move forward with it.. Thanks for your help! 

Hi @beacampos -

We worked on this internally with our business systems team. They created a fully custom integration that uses Mulesoft as the middleware between Salesforce and Khoros (this is the team's standard approach for custom integrations).

Happy to chat further with you live about it; feel free to PM me.




We use a Khoros connector to integrate SF with Khoros for case information.  

To sync roles, case form selections, etc. we use a REST call.


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