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Best practice for applying rank icons?

Hi, we've created Ranks and Rank icons but I can't see how to connect them up without putting the icon visible to the left or right of the username?

We'd like the rank image to be available to them in their profile and in the rank email that's sent to them but we may not want this permanently next to their name?

I can't see how to do this, can anyone give me any tips on how you use ranks please

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Using the rank icon left or right is the way that these are utilised. If you are looking for some kind of other behaviour, like optional display OR allowing users to choose between icons earned at each rank then you will likely have to create this as a custom component.

@sarajaynerow  - As DanK mentioned, it is the default behavior of the rank setup. However, if you want to hide the rank icons from the left and right, you could either create a custom component and show whatever is required, or, an easier and straight forward way would be to use some CSS to hide the left/ right rank icons.

I hope this helps.

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