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Best practice sharing - Locking topics after they receive a solution.

Hi Everyone.


I have seen the question here more often about locking solved topics and how to (automatically) make that happen. There have been many ideas posted here as well so the "want" is clear.


We had a similar want/need to at least be able to review topics as they get a solution and be able to drive action.

The main issue here was that we were never notified when the topic was marked as solved and of course the fact that there is no workflow solution build in to Lithium. But luckily the Lithium product allows to build custom solutions and so we have, ahem, I must admit, our amazing developer @fuenteso build the solution up (and beyond)  to our own specification Smiley Happy


We had a couple of reasons for wanting to lock solved topics. But first of all we wanted to get insights, and have the ability to review topics that received a solution. No, for reasons unknown to me, there is no moderation flag or notification going out to moderators the moment a topic is marked as solved. This is unfortunate because having this already opens a world of opportunity, one being the ability to review the solution and discussion and deciding what to do with the topic. Perhaps use it to feature it somewhere, or to compliment the person who provided the solution.

In our case

- We wanted to minimize 'necroposting/reviving older topics. We actually want to give a better experience knowing that when users post in older topics that have a solution already, the community has difficulty picking this post up and answering it.

- Keep the topic on point, keeping it crisp and clean for anyone deep linking in to the topic

- Set the right expectation. If the solution in the topic is not helpful we want to invite users to post their own question in a new topic.


The Tool

And see here, our solved topics tool created by our Developer.

It shows

- Topic marked as solved since X days ago

- Ability to drill down in categories and boards

- Date solved, date of last reply

- Active after solution yes/no. Basically has there been a response after the topic was marked as solved. If not and the solved date was i.e 1 week ago we could opt to lock the topic (this is what we want to pilot for German)

- Status of the action, more specifically, if there was an error, so you would know something failed.



Lock solved topics.jpg



Sharing our learning next......feel free to ask questions or give feedback!




Learning from others and helping where I can!
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Possible workaround to the solution mark notification:

Set up a hidden board. Make a new topic and subscribe to it.

Replace the mark as solution button with a custom one that runs an endpoint.

Have the endpoint mark the solution, post a reply (with any custom text you need) to that topic in the hidden board, and reload the page, so the user sees their marked solution.

Now, anyone who subscribes to that topic will be notified.

It's definitely a workaround and not a permanent solution, but it's a flow that works for me on several custom components.

Hi @Wendy_S & @fuenteso 

This is excellent! We would love to find out more from you and if possible receive the full code so that we can implement the solution in our own Community. 

We are experiencing some of the same issues mentioned in previous replies and this is a great way to keep the topic on track and also ensure a full answer is provided to the original poster.

Thank you


@PerBonomi Not sure anymore (My brains needs a bit of a choke start after Xmas break) but I think last time we spoke you were interested in our lock solved topics tool. Feel free to scan through this thread where Oscar shares the code. We also created an archiving tool similar to this allowing to bulk move topics by date to a specified board.

If I am totally off, feel free to drop me a mail and we can chat further 😄

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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