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Blog Articles: How do you make Body box required and add helper text to Article Teaser?

Blogging was a normal practice on our community before we moved. For member comfort we kept it but the change is causing an issue. 

Has anyone hid the "Article Teaser" field or at least added gray text to the box to say it's optional?

Problem: People are putting their Blog Article post in the Article Teaser field and leaving the Body text box blank. So on the category and blog article boards people are seeing the post or at least part of it but when they click More >> they see a tile and a blank post.  

Potential solutions:

1: Hide the Article Teaser field as most people don't understand the concept or benefit to the teaser.

2: Add helper text to the Article Teaser field to indicate it's optional and then make the Body box required

3: Hide the Article Teaser Field and make the Body box required.

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Interesting you should see that response too, we are having some challenges with the teaser too - either people don't use it because they don't understand it or just paste the entire article in and the activity feed on the category page shows everything in preview. You've got me wondering if we should consider renaming it to Article Preview or something similar. 

I wasn't able to find a text editor key which allows you to add gray text to the teaser body but I did find how to use text keys to add the i icon next to the Teaser title:



Maybe hiding it might be best so will be looking to see if anyone else knows how to do that. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

@elbranscomb I found a post that talks about hiding article teaser.  I had updated the title and the (i) bubble description as well. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow and share the link.



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