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Blog background photo size

Hello! Does Lithium offer any documentation detailing image dimensions throughout the community?


I'm specifically looking for the blog background image dimensions. 🙂

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@Nava_Schneider - Can you please provide more information?


Lithium does convert every image we upload on blogs, messages, articles etc into below dimensions 


      "tiny_href" : "px=100",
      "thumb_href" : "px=150",
      "small_href" : "px=200",
      "medium_href" : "px=400",
      "large_href" : "px=999",
      "original_href" : "original size",

Which you can get using below query. 




SELECT * FROM images WHERE = '<id>'

For author image below are the variations




"profile" : "",
"message" : "",
"inline" : "",
"favicon" : "",
"print" : ""

You can get it using below query.

SELECT avatar from users



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Thank you @TariqHussain!


Your response is a bit too technical for me to understand comprehensively, but I really appreciate your help.  I was more hoping there was a guide somewhere which states the optimal image size for a blog background image. 

Hey @Nava_Schneider Do you have a responsive community? if so absolute dimensions of images are mostly useless as the community should adjust the image size for the screen resolution. I tend to just the best quality, highest resolution image i can find that isnt massive in Kb's


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Would it be safe to say some default like 1200X800 is a pretty good starting point because it will be saved in many different sizes for each responsive environment?

That's what I would have thought too @dfisher1342

Nice link!

Like it. 

Seems like a safe bet.

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