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Blog vs. TKB - What's the dif? Pros and cons?

Hi all, 

I'm looking to create space on our Community for blog style content. I know that Khoros has the blogs tool, but then there's the TKB tool which seems similar? 

Can anyone tell me the difference between the TKB and Blog tool, and share any pros or cons you've found with either tool? 


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Here are a few of the differences:

  • w/ Blogs, you can't control the order of the posts. They are always reverse-chronological
  • TKBs are meant to be collaborative, hence there is a notion of "version history" and "contributors". Blogs don't have this; they have a single author.

I'd say, if you're looking for an area for "documentation" type content - content that isn't time-sensitive, and that has a different ordering needed (such as ordered w/ in a set of labels) - then TKB is right for you. 

If you're looking for something more time-sensitive & less documentation-y, go with blogs.

FYI we use blogs to push information and limit blogs to certain employees we have trained and know how to compose a good post.  We use TKBs for our tech people and also trusted community members to be able to add "how to" content to each of our product specific areas. It's a little more wild west style with fewer restrictions/rules.   We pull our recent blog posts into our home page.

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We have a similar approach that @kgroneman mentions. We (HP) use Blogs for spreading news about the community and the members so mostly the Communities team has the permission to blog and we have TKB for collaborative technical guides. Users reaching a certain rank get the permission to write TKB articles and every article writting grants them additional points that will help them reach the next level in the community.

I must say TKB isn't as collaborative as we initially had expected (bummer) and it comes with additional fees. I think the best solution depends on your use case and your $ budget 🙂


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