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Blogs posts ordering - other than by date?

I feel like i'm a little crazy but i could have sworn there was a way to display blog posts in an order based on something other than last edit/publish date. I thought i saw something where they could be displayed by most popular. I wanted to see if that works for us, as we have a blog where date isn't really relevant.

I thought i saw posts and some options in the admin panel, but i can't find them anymore. Am I crazy or did they get removed? 

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Hi @cbschmidt,

I don't think it's possible. There's no such filtering in the Khoros Community Blog, nor in our own Community 😉

I am also not aware of such a feature in the admin panel.

However, what Khoros does in Atlas, is displaying Top Blogs:

Sorry for not having a better answer.




I don't think it's possible out of the box, but you could add a customization that node type.

Not possible out of the box with blogs. Possible with TKB articles though - they have a number of ordering options, including manual ordering.

Before we got TKB, we implemented a customization to order blog posts manually. Our particular customization is a very admin-unfriendly one and I don't recommend this exact approach - it involves setting up a second blog where you put the post IDs in the title of the posts, in the order you want the main blog posts to show up (if that makes any sense at all? kinda hard to describe it). I really don't recommend that you do this. There's probably a better custom approach if you do need to go the customization route (e.g. maybe order via custom tags?)


Customisation is your friend @cbschmidt

Have a look at one of our blog sections here -

Users can sort the order by Latest, Most Viewed and Most Liked. They can also filter by topic (powered by labels) or room of the house (powered by admin-only tags).




I am unsure if it will work directly on the BlogPage, but if you are willing to use a different message layout, you may be able to move the component that is used on Group Hubs, and use it instead on the BlogPage quilt which has the additional filters.


Edit - I realize after posting this I have absolutely no idea if you can actually use a parameter or not to change the default sort here though, which probably makes this solution useless since it defaults to most recent


Oh that's good to know about TKB @CarolineS . I've been wrecking my brain how to do this. Where is this setting located?

Hi @themaria! Yes, being able to order things in the TKB is super useful!

Go to Admin > Navigate to the specific TKB you want to order > Discussion Styles > TKB > Ordering. If you choose "Manual" as your order a list of the articles will show up and you can adjust their ordering.



Oh perfect! Easy enough! Thanks so much @CarolineS !

Community Manager

Hey @cbschmidt et al, this looks like a great thread to move over to the Community Product forum so non-Titans can benefit from the knowledge here.

Mind if we move it? Let me know with a kudo or comment here - if I don't hear back by next Friday, I'll assume we're all good with the idea. 👍

sure. go ahead and move it. 

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